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Cryptography: Secrets, Secrets, Secrets. Everyone has them!

The Digital Schoolhouse has teamed up with the Education Department at Bletchley Park to create a lesson that teaches pupils how to use advanced spreadsheet functionality covered at Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 in a fun and exciting lesson using secrets and encryption as the focus of the lesson.

Pupils will begin the lesson by looking at the history of encryption and how computing fits into the modern day communication before they develop their own encryption tool to encode and decode messages using a standard spreadsheet application. In creating these simple spreadsheets pupils will learn and use new advanced spreadsheet functions such as lookups, if statements and absolute cell referencing.

To help pupils with remembering the key vocabulary, pupils play games of Captain Jack Says (similar to Punctuation Karate) focused on the construction of formulae and key vocabulary from the lesson. Pupils will also be introduced to high frequency letters to help them decode message.

It is worth noting that the learning outcomes from this lesson can be combined with the learning from the lesson Databases: Certain Death and associated lesson resources for that lesson.

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