Surprise Stories

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Surprise Stories brings together the programmes of study for English and Computing in a way that is sure to leave the class giggling. The workshop inspires and encourages creativity and brings together creative writing along with key programming concepts.

Pupils begin the day by writing a very short story. They are then introduced to the concepts of algorithms and sequencing though the use of magic tricks and a range of other unplugged activities. After experimenting with simple inputs using the Python programming language, pupils use what they have learnt to convert their story first into pseudocode and then into Python.

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Suitable for: Key stage 2 (KS2), key stage 3 (KS3)

Our resources are created with you and your students in mind. Not only are they outside-the-box, creative and brain-boosting fun, but we always ensure our content stays relevant. Our network of academic masterminds and video games practitioners enable us to keep delivering free content that is aligned to the UK computing curriculum and that is relevant to current industry best practice. We think you're going to love our play-based approach to Computer Science. We've even got the evidence to prove it. 

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Surprise Stories
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