The Shaw Education Trust

The Kidsgrove Learning Campus has been established across Kidsgrove Primary and Secondary School with the aim of providing exceptional and inclusive career pathways from early ages through to adulthood. The learning campus will provide a pro-active, invested, place-based approach to intervention, support and success. The campus has been redesigned with new infrastructure to support a digitally focussed curriculum in all ways, so that both child and parents feel part of the digital age. The curriculum at the Primary school will merge seamlessly into the secondary phase programmes and will embrace specific programmes to develop computing and coding skills, as well as life skills in using technology.
Digital technology will support learning at all levels and in line with government educational strategy and the desire to provide young people with world-class technology, our approach at the Kidsgrove Learning Campus is focussed on developing tools to support excellent teaching and raise pupil attainment.

#Digital by Design

The #digitalbydesign concept was developed in conjunction with the Trust, school staff and students to showcase a ‘digital first’ approach to education. This is where digital elements, the use of technology such as iPads, and software is used to lead on the educational experience and is designed to make children ready for the digital world they will step into. What this means is that each child will be given the opportunity to work with devices first hand, and that staff will deliver all lessons in a way that promotes the use of digital means where needed as part of career and educational development, as well as personal growth. We are also committed to improving the technology skill in the community so parents and local people will be offered courses to improve their skills no matter what age they are.