Ron Dearing UTC

Ron Dearing UTC is an outstanding 14-18 college in the centre of Hull, we opened in 2017 during Hull's City of Culture. With a focus on engineering and digital technologies, we offer GCSE, BTECs and A Level courses that are uniquely linked to local businesses. Our students have the opportunity to work with employers on coursework, projects and on work placements with a chance to go on to apprenticeships. Our founding partners are Spencer Group, KCOM, Reckitt, Siemens Gamesa, and Smith&Nephew. Find a list of our minor partners on our website.

We are expanding, as we plan to open our new STEAM Studios building in September 2023, which offers more creative spaces for students. We have access to computer rooms for plugged in computing activities and normal classrooms for unplugged activities, both can accommodate full classes. Our equipment and business links enables use to deliver the full computing and creative curriculums that are engaging and inspiring, as well as connecting to real world applications.

Here's a list of workshops we currently offer:

  • Just Dance with the Algorithm - Through combining dance and video games, this workshop is guaranteed to engage your class with core programming and computing concepts in a fun and physical way. Investigate what dance routines can teach you about algorithms. Suitable for ages 7-14 years.

  • Rabbids Coding - A game created to introduce children to programming and the basics of logic. In each level the player will have to find the best algorithm with the smallest number of code blocks to achieve the goal. Suitable for: Suitable for Key stage 2 (KS2), key stage 3 (KS3).

  • Machine Code Mario - introduces students to binary in an innovative way. Starting with investigating why computers use binary, students explore how to represent decimal numbers in binary and then how to use this knowledge to create Super Mario courses using Super Mario Maker 2 that test the players understanding of binary representation. The design, exploration and development stages of the beginner workshop fit nicely into KS2. Discover how computers use switches to represent numbers, and we'll explore how to represent decimal numbers in binary. Suitable for ages 7-16 years.

  • Generating Art: Creating a Shape Calculator in Scratch - The workshop begins with a series of unplugged activities to help remind students of their prior learning around drawing shapes and then introduces the concept of algorithms as a way to give step-by-step instructions for drawing different shapes. Then, in the plugged-in section of the workshop, the computing concepts of 'constants' and 'variables' with inputs and the pen up/pen down tool are then introduced to draw the shapes in scratch. Suitable for Key stage 2 (KS2), key stage 3 (KS3)

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Ron Dearing UTC, Kingston Square, Hull City Centre, HU2 8BQ