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Digital Schoolhouse @ Cranmore Independent School

Welcome to Digital Schoolhouse at our school; Cranmore School. We are located in West Horsely-Effingham in Surrey. Our hub was established in 2018, but we have recently moved to Cranmore. At Cranmore, we aim to provide our students with current and innovative Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy education. As a Digital Schoolhouse hub, we aim to work and support our local community of both primary and secondary schools through creative and engaging Computing workshops. We offer free of charge, a creative, wide range of activities and workshop topics provided by the Digital Schoolhouse team, as well as tailored materials; where possible; based on your request. As the Digital Schoolhouse local hub, we are pleased to offer a wide range of workshops. These workshops can be held at your school, or we can host them at our school subject to suitability and transport. We have 2 computer suites, Micro: Bits kits (including Move Motor and Dfrobot), Lego EV3 kits, 3D VR kits, Raspberry Pi's, and 3D printers.

**New this year @ DSH Cranmore !! **

* BBC Micro: bit:

We are happy to offer a classroom set of Micro: bit devices on loan with training for staff or pupils included. There will be a training session covering the basics of BBC Micro: bit with ideas of how to use them across subjects such as Mathematics, Science, DT, and Music.** If you like to book a set, book a session indicating (Micro: bit loan scheme) in your notes.

* Nintendo Swtich Junior esport - Mario kart:

For students in Year 5 + 6. It can be done over several session or in one session. The aim is to teach students team building with fun!

The workshops can be delivered as:

  • One group or multiple groups at the same time.
  • Duration can be 1 hour or 2 hours. Other optios are available upon discussion.

You can view the available DSH workshop topics below, we are happy to deliver any of the listed topics.

  • View workshops topics here:
  • View A-Z guide to workshops:

Sessions are available on Mondays and Wednsday at any time after 13:30. Workshops can be held at your school or here at Cranmore, subject to suitability and transport. Please contact us to discuss dates and times, the workshop's theme, and the number of students/teachers you wish to take part in.

Hope to hear from you very soon!

Our contact details:

  • Hub lead: Mr Ahmed Afana
  • Website: Cranmore School
  • Phone number: 01483 280340 ext: 7
  • Postal Address: Cranmore School, Epsom Road, West Horsley, Surrey KT24 6AT