Our Top 10 Highlights of the Regional Qualifiers

Author: Laura.Martin

March has been momenumental for Digital Schoolhouse! With a 55% increase in school & college participation on last year's esports tournament, there's been more talent, teachers, travelling and andrenalin than ever before... and it's still not over! Our team has also grown, as we welcomed brand new Esports Programme Manager, Mike. As we look forward to our Grand Final on 10 April at Gfinity's arena, we reflect back on our top 10 highlights from the tournament so far. 

10. Neon chevrons of dreams in Belong Stratford

9. Neon signs of dreams in all arenas (and team selfies)

8. Not dropping the crystal trophy

7. Top reactions from our student spectators

6. Student interviews for our bitesize documentary (coming soon...)

5. Catching up with our teachers 

4. Chaotic group photos


2. Shoutcaster collaborations between students and industry pros

1. Celebrating our students' achievements! (players, shoutcasters, event managers, community managers, team managers...)

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