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Children learning computing skills

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Digital Schoolhouse is reliant on industry backing to continue its great work. Schools are not charged for their participation within the programme, rather they are eligible for bursary funding to help alleviate the financial burdens faced with implementing creative computing.

Digital Schoolhouse cannot grow without your help.

Together we are hoping to reach a minimum of 15,000 students and over 1,600 teachers next year; equipping them with the appropriate 21st century skills to prepare them for the future.

Please get in touch to support Digital Schoolhouse and increase school funding for the future of our digital economy.

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Inspirational Computing - Learn how we work with the education sector.

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Supported by Ukie

Ukie is proud to be rolling out the national Digital Schoolhouse programme across the country today thanks to PlayStation. The scale of the impact of the pilot year shows that the unique play-based learning model is working to inspire children from all backgrounds, at a young age, into creative computing as well as giving confidence and resources to their teachers. The national programme will future proof and equip the next generation with the fundamental skills necessary to drive the 21st century creative, digital economy. Collaboration with the games, creative and technology industries has been instrumental to the success of DSH, so we are delighted to have PlayStation as lead partner for the programme.

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Supported by Sony Playstation

A great teacher can have a lasting impact on a student and not only does Digital Schoolhouse provide teachers with practical guidance and creative resources, but it gives them the confidence to be able to excite students about computing in new and engaging ways. Digital Schoolhouse helps to make learning fun and with that comes endless possibilities. PlayStation® is delighted to be partnering with Ukie to bring Digital Schoolhouse to more schools, and even more children, across the UK than ever before.

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Supported by Sega


SEGA Europe has a history in working with educational organisations in order to help bridge the skills gap in the UK with regards to the video games industry. This latest partnership, with the Digital Schoolhouse Programme is particularly exciting, as it aims to engage the next generation of school children, and their teachers, with the new Computing curriculum” said John Clark, Executive Vice President of Commercial Publishing for SEGA Europe Ltd. “The video games industry has a diverse work force across a variety of different professional disciplines and it’s a fantastic opportunity to be able assist UKIE and Digital Schoolhouse in nurturing talent from a young age, not just in computing, but in all the other fields relevant to publishing and development."

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Warwickshire County Council is delighted to be sponsoring Ukie's Digital Schoolhouse programme to enable this innovative model to be rolled out into four Warwickshire schools.  The county is home to a globally significant cluster of gaming companies in and around Leamington Spa (dubbed "Silicon Spa"), and a strong wider digital technology business community.  Programming and computing skills are therefore vitally important to the continued growth of this sector, and it is essential that we are teaching our young people these key skills in an effective and engaging way.  Ukie's Digital Schoolhouse programme is therefore a perfect fit for our area.

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Supported by Sony Playstation
Supported by Ukie
Supported by Sega
Supported by Warwickshire County Council
Supported by Department of Education
Supported by Mayor Of London