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Superheroes Unite! Creative writing challenge for children

Superheroes Unite is a fun creative writing competition that taps into children's imaginations. Suitable for ages 7-14 years, learners are challenged with creating their own superhero backstories and the winner will be published on our website!

These six friends are new additions to the Digital Schoolhouse team and they will be helping us to solve digital problems for future activities. First though, we need to build their superhero profile.  

Children are invited to develop a full profile for each character and use that to develop their superhero backstories. There are multiple ways that this activity can be delivered, with each child either working completely independently or together, with the characters divided between them. The guidance will discuss some of the ways that children can work their way through this, that can be adapted by both parents and teachers.  

With some awesome prizes for the winners and special guest judges!

Submission deadline: 4pm, Thursday 20 August 2020
Suitable for ages: 7 - 14 years (Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3)

Here's how you can submit your entry!

Icon for 1. Download the activity pack

1. Download the activity pack

Fill in the sheets provided in the activity pack

Icon for 2. Submit your details

2. Submit your details

So we can get in touch with you!

Icon for 3. Send your submission!

3. Send your submission!

Send to dsh@ukie.org.uk by wetransfer.com


Gabrielle Kent

Gabrielle Kent is a children's author and narrative consultant. She grew up in the 1980's riding her bike into trouble, drawing monsters, reading comics and playing video-games. Her first job was working on games for PC, PlayStation and Xbox, before spending sixteen years as a university lecturer teaching students how to make video-games.

Recently, her experience of childhood in the eighties came together with her love of writing and video games when she was asked to write a series of novels based on the characters and world from the video game, Knights and Bikes, published by Double Fine Presents and soon to be an animated TV series.

Andy Hall

Andy Hall is a principal writer at Creative Assembly. Andy has been in the games industry for years, decades even! Starting out as a Mail Order Troll in Games Workshop, he went on to lead such games as Inquisitor, Blood Bowl, Warmaster and wrote for Warhammer.

He was editor of Fanatic Magazine and did a long stint on the legendary publication White Dwarf. Moving from table top to video games, he hasn’t yet shaken off his Warhammer roots as lead writer on Warhammer Quest, Vermintide and the Total War: Warhammer trilogy as Principal Writer and Narrative Designer

Good luck! We hope you enjoy taking part in this competition. If you have any questions please email dsh@ukie.org.uk. 

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