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Totnes Progressive School Digital School House

Totnes Progressive School

TOTNES PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL is a small school located right in the middle of Totnes in Devon.  We run class sizes of 12 students from a Foundation year (Year's 5 and 6) up to Year 12.  We deliver a wide curriculum including Creative Media and GCSE Computer Science.

Totnes Progressive School is thrilled to be able to offer Primary Schools in the Devon area half-day workshops hosted in our IT suite - targeting computer based thinking skills using innovative and exciting tools.  We are proud to have been chosen as a Digital Schoolhouse and welcome the opportunity to help your Primary School find out about some of the latest ways that we can use computers to encourage young learners to get into the exciting world of computer use for creative projects.

We are offering a new DSH Bespoke workshop called "Write Instructions and Build a World".  It involves engaging your students with the concept of building instructions step by step (algorithmic thinking) and uses a variety of fun unplugged activities (Emotional Robot, LEGO Ducks, Magic Card Trick) as well as activities on computers and tablets (ScottieGo and CoSpaces - Merge Cube Augmented Reality).

Our new Augmented Reality (AR) software CoSpaces Edu featuring the tactile 'Merge Cubes' allow your primary school children to create a 3D environment, program simple actions and then literally hold their 3D world in the palm of their hands.  We will also be working with Lego's new Spike Prime programmable lego kits (From January when they become available) to help you students get their computer code onto the carpet and moving around...

For more details click here to view a more in depth description of the activities...

Contact Nick Trussler the lead teacher and arrange a workshop for your children now!  Please note that we are a small school with class sizes of 12 and so we will typically work with you in our facilities in Totnes -  to deliver two workshops over a fortnight one for each half of your larger size classes where applicable.

PLEASE NOTE:  This year we are offering the specific bespoke workshop as described above (not the others listed on the booking form)  and workshops must take place at Totnes Progressive School on a Wednesday morning in student-groups of 12 at a time. On the workshop booking form the bespoke workshop we offer is not listed so please just choose the 'None' option - it does not mean that we think you don't want a workshop - don't worry!

Workshop days and hours

We can offer workshops on a Wednesday morning between 9:30am and 1pm

Postal address

Totnes Progressive School
Windmill House
21 Ashburton Road
United Kingdom


07436 112726



We run workshops at Totnes progressive School - in a dedicated IT suite with 12 student machines and sets of other computer based kits.  

Travel information

Totnes progressive School is located directly opposite the Police station on the main road through Totnes and near the large neighboring KEVIC secondary school. Reserved parking for a Minibus is available on request.

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