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Langley Grammar School

We are an innovative and forward-thinking school, committed to developing our students into well-rounded, confident and successful young men and women. We have strong links with our two main feeder schools: Castleview and Ryvers as part of our Kederminster Educational Trust.

The Digital Schoolhouse is to allow us to use our computing expertise and resources to offer primary schools access to the computing curriculum. We can support schools’ teaching and learning, and we hope our workshops will be engaging and innovative. The workshops start with a kinaesthetic approach exploring computational thinking concepts followed by developing algorithms and programming in different environments, depending on the workshop. Our aim is to build student confidence and enthusiasm for computing and aid their transition into secondary school.

Please contact us and discuss the workshops as a number can be adapted to a theme you are covering in lessons.

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  • Funky Maths Calculator - This workshop addresses the concepts of simple algebraic equations and variables by teaching students to create their own calculator using the Scratch programming environment.

  • Funky Quiz - This workshop addresses the concepts selection and variables by teaching students to create their own quiz using the Scratch programming environment.

  • Just Dance with the Algorithm - This workshop combines dance and video games to teach core programming and computing concepts in a way that appeals to a diverse range of students. Students create their own dance animation using the Scratch programming environment.

  • Micro-bits - This workshop addresses the concepts: conditions and variables by teaching students to create projects based on an Alice in Wonderland theme using the online Micro-bit programming environment and involves some craft activities.

  • Spheros - This workshop allows students to program a Sphero to complete a number of challenges using the Sphero Edu app on our iPads.

  • Scottie Go! -  (being developed for January 2020)  

Workshop days and hours

Thursday afternoons from September 2019

Postal address

Langley Grammar School
Reddington Drive
United Kingdom


01753 598300



We have a range of facilities for students to use as part of their Digital Schoolhouse experience, these include: a computer room with 30 workstations, a computer room with 15 Raspberry Pis and a set of 15 iPads.

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