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The Forest School

At the Forest School, we are delighted to be taking part in the Digital Schoolhouse initiative. We recognise the importance of computing, programming, and creative gaming as a vital component of a 21st century education. We are offering schools a brilliant opportunity to visit us, develop their creative skills, and make use of our advanced computing facilities to make their ideas a reality. Providing Digital Schoolhouse sessions and workshops enable us to help you prepare your students for a brand new world of technology. We tend to run half day workshops each Friday. We can offer sessions for up to 28 students in classrooms, and in computer rooms, with enough PCs for one per student. A number of workshops are provided but we can always work with you on a chosen topic if required. So please just get in touch.

Workshop days and hours

Fridays 1/2 day sessions

Postal address

The Forest School
Comptons Lane
RH13 5NT
United Kingdom




Travel information

Onsite parking is available for individual cars and minibuses

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