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Bedales School

Bedales was founded to be different from the schools of its time. Where others imposed conformity, Bedales nurtured individuality, initiative and an enquiring mind.

True to its roots and founding principles the school places emphasis on collaboration and care for others. Our students are naturally ambitious and competitive, and build strong relationships with each other and their teachers based on mutual respect; everyone, staff and students, is on first name terms. This approach enables students to concentrate on the complex business of learning, developing and becoming their own person.

Bedales continues to be an innovative school; we led the country in replacing many GCSEs with our own more interesting and more demanding Bedales Assessed Courses. Our students move on comfortably to university and beyond because they are self-disciplined, are already used to organising their own time, to studying in depth and to mixing and debating with their elders.

As part of the commitment to innovation, Bedales offers a BAC in 'Digital Game Design' which is a collaborative, project-based qualification that encompasses coding, graphic design, narrative, and business. 


Workshop days and hours

Wednesdays (half or full days): timings can be flexible


Postal address

Church Road
GU32 2DG
United Kingdom


01730 300100



Our beautiful, 120 acre site is nestled in the heart of the South Downs National Park. 

Alongside our dedicated computer suites, we are happy to welcome Digital Schoolhouse visitors access to our swimming pool, Outdoor Work Facilities, Library, recital rooms and the Kadian Observatory.  


Travel information

Minibus parking is available on a short, level walk to the Digital Schoolhouse buildings. 

Petersfield railway station is a pleasant 30 minute walk, predominently on dedicated country footpaths; pick-up and drop-off from the station may be available. 

The workshops take place in an accessible space. 

Our supporters