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Online Safety

With new technology developing all the time, its important that we keep abreast of the changes in order to adequately navigate the digital age.  Technology allows young people to have fun, explore worlds, understand tough subjects and be with friends socially from the comfort of their own homes. However, with these growing opportunities come growing concerns, and it is important to ensure that we address these.

Do students know and understand how to stay safe online? Are the safety measures we put in place in tech enough? Are schools talking about the right things? And, what about parents in all of this? Find out what 2304 students had to say in our report "Online Safety: A Pupils Perspective"


Download a copy of the full report here.

Teaching e-safety in schools

Cyber Safe

A wholistic look at staying safe online which enables pupils to claim DoY iDEA  badges along the way. Learn about digital ethics and play a game of Guess Who along the way!


Digital Footprint

What is a digital footprint? How can you find out what yours looks like and how can you make sure you have a positive online presence? Combine art and computing to learn about online safety.


True or False?

Is all the information we see online true? How can we discern between fact, opinion and bias? This workshop allows pupils to become more selective in their consideration of online material.



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