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Meet the team

Shahneila Saeed | Programme Director

With over 4 years at Ukie and a background in secondary school teaching, Shahneila has the expertise and experience to continue driving Digital Schoolhouse to unstoppable feats. Obsessed with Computing Education and a total digital whizz, Shahneila’s innovative nature is at the forefront of everything she does: “No idea is too crazy!”...






Laura Martin | Communications & Programme Manager

Laura joined Digital Schoolhouse in June 2017. With a background in Charity & Events, Laura is fully rehearsed at delivering for not-for-profit programmes. Loving all things arty & crafty, unplugged Digital Schoolhouse activities are a perfect excuse for her to get creative with the likes of Play-Doh again!





Sophia Aker | Programme Coordinator

Sophia joined Digital Schoolhouse in November 2018. Having recently graduated university, she has had brief work experience in PR, lobbying and with non-profits. Sophia is passionate about using games in education, having experienced the benefits at her own school. She is obsessed with playing Mario Kart and anything on Wii!





Estelle Ashman | Curriculum Content Devloper

With over 10 years teaching experience, Estelle is an enthusiastic practitioner who has the expertise to take difficult Computer Science concepts and present them in a new and innovative way. She is always ready to come up with something new and exciting and is especially fond of a challenge.





Mike Barnes | Esports Programme Manager

Mike joined Digital Schoolhouse in March 2019. With a background in education, startups, digital marketing and esports, Mike is highly adaptable and focused on solving problems and helping new ideas grow. He has been an avid gamer for years and has an embarrassing number of Playstation platinum trophies.





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