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How to Raise a Tech Genius

How to Raise a Tech Genius by Shahneila Saeed

Written by our very own Shahneila Saeed, director of Digital Schoolhouse, with contributions from real life teachers, this book teaches computing concepts without computers! How to Raise a Tech Genius makes the computing curriculum accessible for parents and families.  

This is a practical book that assumes no prior knowledge or understanding of computing and enables parents to learn skills and concepts alongside their children. The quick, easy and fun fifteen-minute activities within the book have been developed using first-hand teaching expertise and are fully mapped to the computing curriculum taught in schools.

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How to Raise a Tech Genius released 16.07.20 

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Teach Computing with everyday household objects enlightened

We live in a digital world - one in which our children are surrounded by technology. It's a part of their lives in a way that even the most tech-savvy adults aren't fully able to comprehend. What we do know is that the workplace of tomorrow will require our children to harness the power behind the technology, to be able to understand key concepts and apply them. Logical reasoning, creativity and problem solving are skills that are becoming increasingly essential in the world of work.

From a deck of playing cards to the story books on your bookshelf or even the contents of your fridge, How to Raise a Tech Genius uses everyday objects that can be found around your home to illustrate core computer science concepts.

Children and adults alike will enjoying playing games while developing their algorithmic thinking and logical reasoning skills. This book demystifies the computing curriculum for adults, showing parents a whole new side of computing, coding and technology so that they can help their child become a computing genius!

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