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Part of The Digital Schoolhouse Model encourages the collaboration between creative industries and education. Industry expertise is used to develop a range of resources and ideas, providing real-life practical value to subject content, and inspire pupils. Collaborations include:

  • Disney - Collaborated on the development of two workshops Oddventurous Gaming and DigiSafe: Be Smart...Be Cyber Smart! developed with Club Penguin to teach digital literacy and e-safety.
  • Tech Will Save Us - Using the DIY Gamer Kit to allow pupils to create their own handheld programmable games consoles, powered by Arduinos.
  • Apps for Good - Contributed their expertise to developing App in a Day which provides primary level pupils with a taster day of their full 32-week programme.
  • Kuato Studios and Video Games Ambassadors (STEMNET) - Collaborated in the development of the Loopy Games to teach games design principles.
  • 3Doodler - Digital Schoolhouses are the first schools in the country to use this 3D printing pen to teach computational thinking.
  • Code Kingdoms - Multiple resources developed including a popular board game which teaches pupils programming concepts using a game that teachers can literally print and play.
  • BAFTA Young Games Designers - Shared expertise across initiatives, to develop joint materials enabling teachers to effectively deliver games design to their students.
  • Gfinity - Worked with Digital Schoolhouse to help bring our National esports Tournament to life. Through shared expertise and resources Digital Schoolhouse became the first ever schools based esports tournament in the UK. A unique approach to careers education for 12-18 year olds.

Do you have an idea that you’d like to see developed? Let us know! We are actively seeking new partners to collaborate with on an interesting range of creative classroom ideas.

Digital a fantastic Schoolhouse sweet spot to operates connect in schools with industry and professional development so that teachers are up-skilled and our students inspired by computing.

Daniel O’Sullivan - COO of Code Kingdoms

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