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NE Futures UTC

North East Futures UTC is a brand new University Technical College, opening in the Stephenson Quarter, Newcastle for September 2018. The school focuses on two main specialisms, one being Computer Science and the other being Health Sciences. 

The DSH provides us with a great opportunity to help entice the younger generation into the world of technology through the medium of computer games and programming challenges.

Backing our DSH program is Ubisoft, one of our many industrial partners. Ubisoft, being a games company themselves, can see the importance of how the UTC and the DSH, working together, can support a young mind. Hoping to further increase the number of enthusiastic and driven young computer science students.

Workshop days and hours

Our workshop day will be on Friday mornings from 9:00am till 12:30pm. For more details and availability please send us an email as listed below.

Postal address

North East Futures UTC
Stephenson Quarter
Stephenson Square
Newcastle Upon Tyne
United Kingdom





North East Futures UTC is a brand new building but with great historical relevance. The school boasts a great number of powerful PC's and has a revolutionary Fujitsu hub. All students are able to attend as the building is fully accessible.

Travel information

Located at our amazing new building, situated in the Stephesons Quater behind Newcastle Central station, we are highy accessable by Metro, Train and Bus.
North East Futures UTC
Stephenson Quater

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