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Introducing Phoebe, placement student at DSH!

Author: Phoebe Trussler

At uni, at Ukie

I’m Phoebe! I’m a third year university student and I am now officially on a work placement with Ukie helping the Digital Schoolhouse team on the lead up to their esports tournament.

I’ll be writing several blog posts throughout the next 3 months documenting my experiences as I go along and sharing some insight into what goes on behind the scenes planning the events. 

First days at new things can be scary! But I was so excited for my first day in the office that it was hard for me to get to sleep the night before! 

Being in my final year at university and on my last stretch of lectures and deadlines, graduation is very much on the horizon, and jobs are something I’ve been thinking about a lot. I’ve had various different work placements before but this is likely to be the last one before it’s the real deal and I become a person who gets paid to know what they’re doing! So this placement is a great opportunity just before I make that leap to get a sense of what I enjoy doing and get used to work environments without there being too much pressure. It’s already making me feel more confident about integrating into the world of work. 

I’m far from “knowing what I’m doing” after uni (who really does?) but positive experiences in work environments like this are so important in making sure young people feel like the “not knowing” is not a bad thing but an exciting thing, with room for lots of possibilities and undiscovered ways to use their potential. Cultivating that excitement is a big part of the Digital Schoolhouse programme in its efforts towards careers education, and I couldn’t have asked for a more encouraging and welcoming organisation as a student myself. 

My first day in the office was relaxed and productive and went exactly how I’d hoped it would; I met lots of people, drank lots of coffee, and got a tour of the coolest office ever... The office has bean bags and a mini fridge (enough said). And I’m very much excited to keep coming back, and for the experiences to come.


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