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Registration’s closed for the esports tournament 2020, but you can still be a part of it…

Author: Mike.Barnes

It’s with an odd mix of excitement and disappointment that we announce that registrations for the Digital Schoolhouse Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Team Battle have now closed! Demand has been overwhelming, and we are delighted to have 70 schools participating in the tournament. We would have loved to accommodate more schools this year but due to capacity unfortunately we had to cap entrants. Rest assured, we hope to be able to increase numbers next year.

Whether you are a student, a school, a games industry professional or an organisation that wants to get involved with Digital Schoolhouse, there are many ways you can still engage in this year’s tournament!

For students, schools and colleges:

Register for next year

If you are a secondary school or college that missed out on registration, you can register your interest in next year’s tournament here to be the first to know about everything related to the tournament.

Follow us on Twitch

Don’t miss out on enjoying our tournament! All our live events from the regional qualifiers to the Grand Final next April will be live streamed on Twitch. Why not stream the events at your school to drum up some interest in next year’s tournament? Both students and schools can also follow this year’s tournament on Twitter with the hashtags #DSHplay and #DSHesports.

For video games industry professionals:

If you are a member of the industry that wants to help the students in the tournament you can sign up to our careers coach role. We pair schools and coaches, encouraging them to educate students on the various careers available in the games and esports industry and root for their school at the live events. This role is of huge value to students, some of whom have even gone on to earn work experience or internship places by impressing our coaches! You can register to be a coach here. For more information, please contact

For organisations interested in the Digital Schoolhouse programme:

Digital Schoolhouse is able to provide our esports tournament and wider programme with thanks to the generosity of industry and governmental backing. We are always looking for partners who can help us grow the programme, from both inside and outside the games industry. For information on how to get involved with Digital Schoolhouse, please see our industry brochure. You can also follow us on LinkedIn for all industry related news. For more information, please contact

Next steps for this year’s tournament

The 70 schools are already competing in the first stage of the tournament, the school heats! One team from each school will progress to a live regional qualifier in the hope of winning the title of regional champion. After one more new additional stage to this year’s tournament, the North and South Sem-finals, the 4 surviving schools will battle it out at Gfinity on 8 April 2020 to be crowned UK national champions.

Follow the action here.


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