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Digital Schoolhouse moderate ISFE Games Panel

Author: sophia.aker

On Wednesday we’re catching the Eurostar for the European Schoolnet and ISFE’s “Games in Schools” event, coinciding with the EU code week, to engage in the discussion on pupils learning by play for a digital society.

Now in its fifth edition, the Games in Schools project is designed to bring educators & industry together to train teachers across Europe how to use commercial video games as pedagogical support in their classroom.

We were personally invited to moderate a panel discussing the topic “How can games and ICT help our students become active digital citizens and creators”. Shahneila will be joined by a roster of expert educators and industry professionals, including Mrs Julie Fionda of DG EMPL, Mr Jakub Kajtman of the EU commission, teacher & expert on digital game-based learning Mrs Daniela Hau, and representatives from the Microsoft’s Education Engagement team.

The Games in Schools event also includes a hands-on exploreation of video games are already used in the classroom as pedagogical support, with a special insight into Minecraft Education, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Discovery Tour, and Future Classroom Lab playful learning solutions.

The project’s founding belief and subsequently the common thread of the event is championing the idea that learning through play increases student engagement and learning outcomes, which of course resonates with the core of what we at DSH practice.

We’re excited about the opportunity to engage with experts from across the continent, to discuss, explore and discover all the brilliant ways that game-based learning and design can be incorporated into education.

The event will be happening on Wednesday 16 October.

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