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Totnes Progressive School Digital School House

Diary of a Lead Teacher: Meet Nick!

Author: sophia.aker

We're so pleased to introduce Nick, lead teacher at Totnes Progressive School in Devon, who will be sharing his journey as a brand new lead teacher. Nick will be writing a monthly blog about his experience as he settles into the role of lead teacher for Digital Schoolhouse. He'll be revealing his challenges and successes, as well as the highlights and moments worth sharing. Nick is an ingenious lead teacher with a creative flare, and we can't wait to hear about Totnes' new chapter as a Schoolhouse!

About Nick 

Nick Trussler is the Digital Schoolhouse lead teacher at a small school in Devon - Totnes Progressive School.  The school is an example of the diversity of different Digital Schoolhouses across the country having small class sizes of 12 students and 120 students overall.  Nick is super excited to have launched in early October and looking forward to meeting colleagues in the area from primary schools to promote computational thinking! His background is in Music Technology having worked previously for 15 years in FE and HE and he has created a bespoke workshop to deliver this year incorporating some of the un-plugged workshops created by Digital Schoolhouse as well as other programmable gadgets such as the Cospaces Edu - Merge Cube (Augmented Reality) and from Jan 2020, the new Lego offering - Lego Spike Prime.

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