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Accidental Adventures with a spooky twist!

Author: sophia.aker

Happy Halloween!

Download our Spooky Adventures here...

The month of October is one of our favourites here at Digital Schoolhouse HQ. We’re well into the academic year, and our lead teachers are once again (or for the first time!) settling into their routine delivering ingenious workshops to primary schools. We’re also kicking off the annual esports tournament, and demand has been so high this year we’ve had to close registration early!

October is also that critical time between the end of summer and start of Christmas where we can indulge in everything dark, creepy, crawly and ghoulish, all in the spirit of Halloween.

That’s why, we’re excited to reveal a spooky twist to our signature workshop, Accidental Adventures. We’re encouraging pupils to curate their very own spooky adventure. Ghosts, ghouls, spirits, haunted houses… whatever terrifying adventure you want to go down, it’s the perfect time of year to get chillingly creative!  

In the Ukie office, we’re doing just that, and our Ukie colleagues have been busy scribbling down their own spooky stories. We will share with you next week on Halloween!

We’d love to see what you come up with - feel free to tweet or email us your spooky adventure! 

Accidental Adventures

Aim of the activity: Create a randomised story using the programming concept of arrays.

What you need to complete the activity:

  • 6-sided dice
  • Printed versions of the blank story and word arrays

How to tell your story:

  • Allocate words to each of the word arrays
  • Roll the dice for each gap in the story and write in the word selected, e.g. the first gap is an ADJECTIVE and the number rolled is a 5 which matches with the word pretty in my adjective array so I write pretty in the first gap
  • Complete step two for each gap in your story

Download Accidental Adventures here and see what spooky twist you can come up with!    


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