Digital takeover at Alexandra Palace with DSH, BAFTA Games, Ubisoft & more

Author: Laura.Martin

On 2 - 4 October, we’ll be making a Digital Schoolhouse debut at the iconic Alexandra Palace in North London, as part of the Teaching Games Development for Secondary Schools event.

We’ll be working in partnership with an entire roster of familiar names including Ubisoft, BAFTA Games, TechPathways and more, hosting a very special creative digital takeover and fulfilling the venue’s recreational history, coined ‘The People’s Palace’.

Over three days, teachers and educators will attend from across the country to learn from some of the best names in games development, with the aim to improve and empower their delivery of this subject to their own learners (11-24 years).

Led by our own curriculum content developer Estelle, we’ll be delivering a ‘Digital Schoolhouse Introduction to Construct 3’, which will showcase our brand-new unpublished resource ‘Part-baked Games’.

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Naturally, this workshop will be underpinned by our education philosophy, namely play-based learning to teach computational thinking. Our students for the day (aka our teachers!) will begin with a partially completed game - ‘part-baked’ if you will. Teachers will then be tasked with creating the game mechanics themselves, using previously sourced assets, keeping content digestible within the given time.

This workshop will teach students the capabilities and limitations of software applications for creating games, plus hardware and peripherals required to create and test digital games, amongst many other things.

That’s not all. Attendees will experience a BAFTA Games design concept workshop, iMedia training with Rajesh Sood from OCR and careers-industry roundtables. Teachers will also experience a very special session ‘Beyond Gaming: Ubisoft’s Initiatives in Education’ by director of XR workshop at Ubisoft in Montreal, Olivier Palmieri.

This event is part of the official launch of the 2020 BAFTA Young Game Designers Competition which will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a weeklong programme of events at Alexandra Palace.

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2 & 3 October eventbrite is here. 2 & 4 October eventbrite is here.