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Best of both worlds: Estelle’s journey in a pioneering role - Sep 19

Author: e.ashman

This month’s blog post comes to you from Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam after what I believe has been my first term-time holiday for around 15 years.

I think what has struck me most on this holiday is how nice it is to have less children around. Don’t get me wrong, I love working with kids but as a teacher you’re only able to get away during the school holidays and therefore there are always lots of children around. Perhaps part of this is due to our destination. The Netherlands are not really known as a family friendly get-away, but even when I visited Efteling (The Dutch theme park that inspired Disney) I was struck by how few children there were. The only exception being a few school groups dressed in bright fluorescent green tabards that I couldn’t imagine a British teenager ever agreeing to wear! I’m not sure how we would go about allowing teachers some child-free holiday time but I’m sure that it would be beneficial!

It’s not been quite as relaxing as it could have though and I’ve really only got myself to blame. You see as a teacher, on the odd occasion that you’ve been allowed out of school during term-time perhaps for a course or some other training, it’s almost expected that you will keep an eye on your email as questions about students or queries about the cover you’ve left have to be replied to straight away and therefore I’ve got into the habit of checking my email. I don’t think there has been a day where I’ve not checked anything and the way technology syncs now means I’m often aware of things without opening a single email. As a teacher it was much easier to disconnect while on holidays as, because everyone was on holiday, there were no emails to check. My husband is much better at disconnecting from the office than I am and hasn’t checked his work email or Slack once which leads me to think it’s definitely something I need to work on.





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