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Watch esports finals now: On the road to victory part 3

Author: sophia.aker

On the Road to Victory (Part 3) - Esports Tournament

In the final instalment of our esports series On the Road to Victory, we take you on a journey to the explosive end of the tournament - the highly anticipated Grand Final

Held at Gfinity’s Esports Arena in Fulham Broadway, London, our regional champions can almost taste victory as they enter the arena….

This year we had 7 teams from across each regional qualifier, and one lucky “Wildcard team”, who after pitching why they deserve a second chance to the final, won their ticket following close consideration by an expert panel.

Having travelled from all over the UK, the pressure  was really on as teams battled it out to a live audience of cheering students, teachers, industry pros, looming cameras, and thousands of twitch viewers.

The best shoutcasters, chosen from their respective regional qualifiers, were also present to cast alongside their professional counterpart, bringing the game to life with live commentary on the action, and insightful analysis on strategy.

As part of the Grand Final experience, we also invite special guests from all corners of the games industry, to witness the action, and support the teams as they battle for victory. 

The event features special careers insights from the pros who are making their mark in the industry. This year we had 6 panelists, who answered questions from our crowd, and revealed how they began their journey in games. The panel gives students a brilliant insight into what it is like to get started in the industry. 

The Grand Final also gave students a very exclusive opportunity to go behind the scenes with the production crew at Gfinity, as we had students shadowing as Audio Mixers, Vision Mixers, and Observers. Students get to help the event come to life, with the professionals themselves.

After a close match, our best teams are whittled down until one team emerges victorious. Naturally, no player walks home empty-handed, so in this year’s prize giving ceremony we had an abundance of prizes, including games, medals, and a PS4 for our winners including a specially designed bespoke trophy. We also announce our best caster of the tournament, who walked away with the Best Shoutcaster Award, chosen by our industry guests.  

But wait, there’s more!

Next year, we are excited to announce the addition of North and South semi-finals! We aim to reach 60 schools and over 6000 pupils and therefore this extra phase of the tournament (originally part of the grand finale event) will help accommodate all those players in another electrifying live event. Here, the regional champions compete for the chance to represent their school in the Grand Final, in a structure that mirrors the regional qualifiers.

The Grand Final is the perfect end to the thrilling tournament, where students who have worked hard to earn their place are able to really show their skills to a crowd of hundreds, while learning about how they can bring their passion to life in their future careers.

If you want your school to be involved in this immersive career experience, expressions of interest for the 2020 tournament (commencing this September) are now open.

Registration will go live on 4 September.


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