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Watch esports qualifiers now: On the road to victory part 2

Author: sophia.aker

On the Road to Victory (Part 2) - Esports Tournament

On the road to victory – Regional qualifiers (part 2)

In part 2 of our video series ‘On the road to victory’, we follow those school & college champions who proved their abilities in the heats to secure themselves a place in the regional qualifiers. As winners of their heats, the pressure is now on to make their school proud.

This year we hosted 7 regional qualifiers in Belong Gaming Arenas across the UK and at Staffordshire University. Winning teams battled it out at each venue, until we had crowned 7 victorious teams to send on to the Grand Final.  

In part 2 of our esports series, we take you to the qualifier at Stratford Belong Gaming Arena. The qualifiers are the first time that teams will meet the competitors from other schools and colleges, a perfect opportunity to strike up new friendships and friendly rivalry with other students who have similar interests. Indeed, as our landmark report suggests, over 90% of students say their friendships were maintained or grew during the course of the esports tournament.

We also invited industry guests along to mingle with students, strike up conversations about career aspirations, and cheer on the teams.

The regional qualifiers are a great opportunity for students to try something completely different. Shoutcasting was new for many of our students, who were able to practice and showcase their communication skills alongside professionals. Shoutcasting really gets students out of their comfort zone, as their commentary is streamed live on twitch. In fact, our report shows that the esports tournament improved transferrable skills including communication (74%) and teamworking (80%).

At the end of the qualifier, our industry guests judge the best shoutcaster, who is in turn invited to cast at the Grand Final, alongside their professional counterpart.

The regional qualifiers show that it’s not about winning or losing, or about how far you get in the competition. It’s about the experience and joy that playing games together bring. It’s about making great friendships, discovering new opportunities, and having a go at something you’ve never tried before.

Stay tuned as we will be releasing the final part of our esports series this Friday!


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