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Watch esports heats now: On the road to victory part 1

Author: sophia.aker

NEW DSH esports video series: On the road to victory (Part 1)

We’re thrilled to release part 1 of ‘On the road to victory’, a three-part series exploring each knockout event of the DSH esports tournament from the perspective of our participating students, teachers and industry.

On the Road to Victory (Part 1) - Esports Tournament


Part 1 of the series delves into the school heats. The school heats kick off the tournament as schools and colleges battle it out in the classroom alongside their friends and peers. The aim, to ultimately whittle down the competing teams to a single team that will represent the school or college at the Regional Qualifiers.

The heats are typically led by students. At Woking High students were not only participating as players, but also in behind the scenes roles. Indeed, students Lewis and Francis show that their role as event managers were crucial in coordinating the scheduling of teams, to be able to run the tournament seamlessly in their school.

Crafted by the video games industry, these roles manifest themselves in the school heats as students begin to take the lead and contribute to the operational and logistical aspects of running the event, meaning that the teacher can simply open the door to the computer lab and let them do their thing.

Other roles we see in the school heats include shoutcasters/ commentators, technical support roles, tournament admin, and so much more.

Not only are the school heats the perfect place to establish friendly rivalry between school friends, but it is also a place to learn about the industry and the many opportunities that lie therein. Our landmark report shows that students who took part in the tournament were 87% more interested in a career within the video games industry. We also match schools who with their very own careers coach, who will guide and offer support throughout their esports journey. 

This stage of the tournament is not timebound, however the school champion must be selected in time for the next stage of the competition, when they will travel to represent their school in the regional qualifiers…  

Stay tuned for part 2 – Regional Qualifiers, released this Wednesday…


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