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Southend High School for Boys invite industry to launch event

Author: sophia.aker

Southend High School for Boys hosted a special launch event this month, showcasing their Computing workshops to their students and an array of industry guests.

In attendance from the digital and tech industry were Lloyds Banking Group, FUZE, as well as software engineers and STEM ambassadors from various organisations.

Pupils were able to attend the carousel of workshops throughout the day to learn more about different computing concepts, directly from the professionals themselves.

SHSB teachers also held workshops, from software development focus for library software to 3D modelling used in Hollywood.

From simulations to software development, Javascript, programming, and FinTech, the event catered for every interest and gave a rich overview of some of the most important concepts in computing.

The event was especially a great opportunity for Year 9 pupils to get a taster insight into what is involved in studying Computing, should they wish to take it next year.

The day was a great success – with superb teamwork and preparation by every visitor and member of staff to bring the event to life, and make the day memorable for every student involved.

Industry were incredibly accommodating, allowing kids to ask questions and interact. As a result, the kids really couldn’t stop talking about the workshops!


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