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DSH esports – we need your support

Author: sophia.aker

We invited industry professionals along to Ukie HQ for our esports open evening. As well as touching base with some great industry folk, we wanted to showcase the way we bridge the gap between education and industry - and show our industry friends exactly how they can get involved in supporting the tournament.

The evening kicked off with catch ups, and some introductions, over drinks and nibbles. Mike and Shahneila then presented to our guests the impact of the tournament. This also gave use the chance to explain our mission: to immerse students in careers education by connecting them with industry professionals and facilitating life-changing work experience in ‘behind the scenes’ roles.

Following this year's tournament, a total of 36 schools and colleges participated: reaching 5k students, accumulating over 61k views on Twitch, and reaching 278k impressions on Twitter during the regional qualifiers and grand final alone.

The 2019 – 2020 tournament kicks off in September, and we would love to have your support. Here are some of the numerous ways you can get involved, and help us reach more students this year!  

  • Financial provider – any financial contributions help us reach more students and provide each of them with additional opportunities
  • People provider – Can you spare some time? From event talent, to careers coaches and in kind support for marketing and broadcasting. We need you all!  
  • Rewards provider – From student goodie bag merchandise, to the Grand Final trophy. We like to reward all our participating students, so help us do this in style!
  • Platform provider – Thinking of recycling? Why not donate to DSH instead. All hardware is gratefully received by our schools, year round
  • Venue provider – Our esports tournament is growing to reach 60 schools, and with more teams we will be hosting a semi-final. We need supporters to help us host our events and provide surrounding logistical support  

With the tournament making waves in schools nationwide, we aim to reach even more students in the next academic year, presenting a unique insight into the Creative Digital sector to encourage homegrown talent in the UK.

We feel incredibly privileged to be backed by the video games industry, without whose support we would be unable to reach such an impressive number of students nationally. 

If you’re interested in becoming a supporter of the wider DSH programme, please email Mike

Working together with industry really does make the esports tournament the engaging and immersive careers event that it’s become, as well as giving students a life-changing chance to experience esports first-hand.

Thanks to everyone who came along yesterday, we really enjoyed touching base with you and seeing where these exciting partnerships could lead!

If you would like to get involved in any capacity, please email


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