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Schoolhouse teachers shortlisted for IT Educator of the Year 2019

Author: Laura.Martin

We’re celebrating the achievements of two of our Lead Teachers, John Stitt and Roisin Rice, who have both been shortlisted for the IT Educator of the Year 2019.

Hosted by Andi Jarvis, the awards ceremony held in conjunction with Digital DNA by the Northern Ireland region of the BCS, will take place on 18 June showcasing some of the best Computing talent in Northern Ireland this academic year.

Among three nominees, John Stitt of De La Salle College and Roisin Rice of St Mary’s Derry have been shortlisted: an accolade to the inspiring work they continue to do in their field.

Their work as a Schoolhouse has also been highly impactful. De La Salle College joined in September 2017 and this year has supported no less than 335 students and 18 teachers across 5 Primary schools, whilst also taking part in two esports tournaments. John responded:

“Digital Schoolhouse has brought us into contact with some of the best practitioners in teaching IT from across the UK. The level of training and sharing of good practice they have introduced me to is simply unrivalled by any other organisation I have encountered. Their mission to use post primary schools as hubs for upskilling local primary schools is deceptively simple yet backed up with incredible support.”

In addition, St Mary’s have supported over 900 students from 7 Primary schools. Roisin has also delivered 17 workshops and helped 89 teachers since they joined as a Schoolhouse in 2018. Roisin told Digital Schoolhouse:

“I am honoured to be shortlisted for the BCS IT Educator of the Year.  The success of Digital Schoolhouse at St Mary’s College, Derry has been absolutely phenomenal. It has been an absolute privilege to work with well over 900 primary school children and their teachers and of course my own students teaching them computational thinking and programming skills in an active, relevant and most of all fun way.”

Whoever wins, we think you should all be uber proud of your achievements. There’s no doubt that you’ve made a mammoth impact.

You’re totally inspirational and we wish you the best of luck!

UPDATE - Congratulations Roisin, who was awarded the BCS IT Educator of the Year Award!  


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