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Meet the BAFTA YGD class of 2019!

Author: sophia.aker

The much-anticipated BAFTA Young Game Designers competition has revealed its finalists. This year’s 53 finalists thoroughly impressed the judges with powerful and thought-provoking game concepts and ideas, portraying a wide range of important themes in creative and innovative ways.  

BAFTA YGD offers young people aged 10 – 18 years an opportunity to showcase their brilliant game ideas to an audience of industry experts, with the chance to have their game ideas developed by professionals. The competition has three categories: Game Concept Award, Game Making Award, and the Mentor Award.

Judged on their gameplay design, creativity, and originality, this year’s finalists presented games dealing with important social issues including climate change, transgender rights, and disability.

Here are some of the brilliant game ideas created by this years Young Game Designers.

I seek death (YGD Game Concept 10 – 14 years)

The game is set at first in the real world but then transitions into a more magical place with a lot more characters. The game is about what it is like to be bereaved. After the death of her father, 7-year-old Frankie sets out on a journey to find Death and ask him to send her dad home. She finds herself as a patchwork doll in a magical land while her story is told in chapters representing the five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, & acceptance The game ends with a montage of Frankie living a beautiful life before dying as an old woman with her wife & kids. Once in the land of the dead, she runs into her father's arms as everything fades to black.

Water the crops (YGD Game Making 10-14 years)

Climate change is making it hard for Spud the potato farmer: there's less rain and more storms; but you can help water the crops by diverting precious rain during the stormy season using crazy inventor Wizz's drone umbrellas. At the end of the season, Spud’s potato crop is harvested and sold. If the crop isn’t large enough, Spud goes bust. Each year, there's less rain and the drone umbrellas have less power. Spud's aim is to survive for five seasons and harvest the largest total crop.

Blindspot (YGD Game Making 15-18 years)

Blindspot is a game for people with vision impairment as the player has only their sense of hearing to move around and win. This mean that someone with vision impairment will have the same chance as other sighted participants. Players use sound to play the game whilst zombies try to attack, there are also pits that need to be jumped over

View all the 2019 finalists here

For the third year in a row, our very own Lead Teacher Matthew Applegate of Creative Computing Club was announced as a finalist in the Mentor Award, which celebrates an inspirational individual involved in the education of young game creators in the UK.

The awards ceremony will be held June 29 at BAFTA at 195 Piccadilly in London.


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