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Diary of a Lead Teacher: Learning the power of unplugged from a Nepali classroom

Author: ejwebster

The last time I wrote this blog, I was preparing for an exciting visit to Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. The trip did not disappoint and although it was only a week long, we were able to see and experience so much!

One thing that really struck me when learning more about the school and their approaches was their commitment to constructivism. Both the Principal and Vice Principal have backgrounds in Mathematics and are studying them at Masters level. They are so passionate about what Mathematics can offer the teaching of a range of subjects. They are actively engaging their staff with constructivist approaches and ensure that children are regularly exposed to teaching in this way. They don’t have the greatest facilities in terms of computing hardware and resources, however they really make the most of an unplugged style of working and share children’s work regularly on social media.

From hand-washing and Nepali languages, to rooftop farming, children at Little Flowers Public School gain an understanding of how processes really work and are able to apply this across all subject areas. They value project-based learning that encourages communication, collaboration and problem-solving from the bottom up. These children are well prepared for a technology-driven world with a wealth of truly enriching experiences that develop transferrable skills and knowledge.

They may not have as much technology in their classrooms as we do here in the UK, but they are well prepared for any eventuality in their school and career beyond.  There’s a great deal we can learn about computational thinking from our partners in Nepal, without much technology in sight. We are really excited to continue to use technology to share learning across our schools; our latest Skype conferences have involved sharing the creation of traditional dishes!


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