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What game will you play this May?

Author: sophia.aker

This month Ukie has partnered with the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) to promote the new campaign, Must Play May. A month-long in-store and online promotion, Must Play May aims to bring families and friends closer together over the bank holidays and half term. Highlighting the biggest and best games on the market, the campaign shows there's a game for everyone, whilst celebrating the positive aspects of video games.

Players from Saint Mary's College showed the energy, enthusiasm and friendship that games are all about during the regional qualifiers! 

As part of this, we’d like to draw attention to all the information that exists about how to play video games safely and sensibly. We know that parents often know little about the games their children play. This can cause uncertainty about how to best ensure kids play games safely. offers parents and guardians all the information they need about games – how they’re made, how they’re played, what PEGI ratings are and how to enjoy playing games safely and sensibly.

Crucially it gives people the chance to ask questions like what children should be playing online, what parental controls are, how to use them to restrict screen time, and what games can be enjoyed as a family.

Games are the perfect way to connect with family and friends, and bring so much joy and laughter to people of all ages.  What game will you play this May?


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