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Help Digital Schoolhouse powered by PlayStation ® inspire the next generation – Sponsor a School

Author: Shahneila Saeed

Digital Schoolhouse powered by PlayStation: September 2016 National Launch Event


"…algorithms through dance, you’re not going to see that in a traditional computer science lesson”
Tony Gilbert, Digital Schoolhouse Lead Teacher, New College

Thanks to the support of our Lead Partner, PlayStation, our Digital Schoolhouse programme is now national, bringing its innovative play-based learning to at least 15,000 children and over 1600 teachers in the next 12 months.

The expansion of the programme now enables us to reach a wide range of children from differing backgrounds. From a primary school in Hull, to a secondary school in Cornwall and an FE college in Swindon; the Digital Schoolhouse is now able to support every stage of education using its unique approach to inspire and engage both teachers and pupils alike.


“It’s a really exciting opportunity for us to get all the young people in our area excited about computing…we’re at a point where we can really move on and young people today have a much better opportunity to learn about the tech industry and computer science than we ever have done before” 
Tim Bareham, Digital Schoolhouse Lead Teacher, Pool Academy

Making industry innovation and expertise accessible to learners in the classroom plays a big part in the success of this programme. So it’s been fantastic to see the amazing response from industry on the success of our programme so far.


“…I’m really really proud of this project and the way that we’ve worked with schools and with industry and it wouldn’t be the programme it is without this unique collaboration.” 
Dr Jo Twist OBE, Ukie

But the work has only just begun. While we’ve more than doubled the number of our Digital Schoolhouses in the past two years, there are still large regions of the country that are unable to benefit from a local Digital Schoolhouse. This is where we need more support from the games industry. At the recent Ukie AGM we called for more games companies across the UK to sponsor local schools to become Digital Schoolhouses, to strengthen bonds between industry and education and to help create new engaging ways to inspire children to learn digital skills.

If you are interested in hearing more about Digital Schoolhouse, Powered by PlayStation, or are interested in sponsoring your local secondary school, then speak to the programme's Director, Shahneila.



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