Exciting New Workshops Launched!

Author: Shahneila Saeed

We are pleased to announce the launch of four brand new workshops. The new materials uniquely combine a range of innovative resources to enable teachers to easily deliver the new computing curriculum. 

Let's Doodle: What Will you create today?
This workshop introduces the innovative 3Doodler and brings this device to the classroom for the first time in the UK. The content is designed to enable teachers to effectively deliver computational thinking concepts whilst simultaeously covering the new Computing and Design & Technology curriculums. 

Let's Play Code Combat: Playing with Python
This workshop brings text based programming to Key Stage 2. Pupils engage with games and a range of unplugged activities in order to understand the concept of algorithms and programming. They then develop their first 'Hello World' to create a Joke Machine using Python. 

Let's Play Code Kingdoms
Using the popular Code Kingdoms game, pupils are introduced to Java Programming. Pupils learn how to apply computational thinking skills to help them effectively build and play their own games in a Minecraft style environment. A free downloadable board game to teach programming is included in the workshop materials. 

Surprise Stories
Surprise Stories brings together the programmes of study for English and Computing in a way that is sure to leave the class giggling. The workshop inspires and encourages creativity and brings together creative writing along with key programming concepts (using Python as the development environment). 

Crazy Mazes
What makes a maze crazy? This workshop will inspire pupils to rise to the challenge to discover the answer for themselves. Developed at the Townley Grammar Digital Schoolhouse, pupils are provided with an excellent foundation for programming and development with an early introduction into computing careers. Computational facts and problem solving activities are used to help pupils design and develop their own interactive Crazy Maze game. 

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