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Digital Schoolhouse resources used in new CPD toolkit from Computing at School (CAS)

Author: Shahneila Saeed

Published by Hodder and funded by Microsoft and the DfE, CAS has produced a free toolkit for teachers. The QuickStart Computing CPD toolkit is designed to help deliver inspiring computing lessons in primary and secondary schools.

The tookits (one for primary teachers and the other for secondary) pull together resources from leading experts in the field, and are designed to be ‘everything you need to know’ to deliver inspirational lessons.

Inspirational computing is what the Digital Schoolhouse is all about. The toolkit features extracts from our “Generating Art: Creating a  Shape Calculator in Scratch” workshop and shows how the content can be adapted into a sequence of lessons for Key Stage 3 pupils. Our innovative approach to mapping our work to the CAS Progression Pathways and Computational Thinking Framework has also been included in the lesson planning and teaching sections of the resource. 

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