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About Digital Schoolhouse - DSH2

Who is invited to attend?

All classes are eligible to attend. However, please note that many of our workshops are designed with Year 5 & 6 pupils in mind. Should you wish to bring a class from a different year group then please ensure you contact your local Digital Schoolhouse Lead Teacher sufficiently in advance so that we can adapt the materials according to your needs.

Your School’s Invitation

Dear Colleague

Digital Schoolhouse Programme

We would like to give your year pupils an exciting opportunity to attend a free educational day at your local Digital Schoolhouse.

The programme has gained national and international recognition for its pioneering initiatives in the teaching of Computing to pupils and the wider public audience.

Each Digital Schoolhouse offers a variety of lessons to meet your school’s individual curriculum needs. The lessons have been mapped to the new Computing Programmes of Study as well as the CAS Progression Pathways and Computational Thinking Framework. All lessons have cross and creative curriculum links to the core and foundation subjects. If you are unable to find a suitable curriculum link please do not hesitate to contact the project to discuss your requirements so that we can cater for your needs.

Yours faithfully

Shahneila Saeed
Director, Digital Schoolhouse

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