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Longfield Academy

We believe in high aspirations for the whole community and aim to offer opportunities for individuals to develop personally as well as academically. Both in school and in the  local community.  We believe in empowering the adults of the future to make informed career decisions.

We know the journey through life is always beset with challenges; we aim to ensure our learners are curious, determined, creative, and able to work both independently and collaboratively, enabling them to be successful.  We wish to extend this offer  to the wider community. 

Workshop days and hours

Monday 9:30am - 14:00 fortnightly.

Workshops include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • 3D printing with the 3Doodler 
  • App in a day
  • Databases Unplugged
  • Get with the Algo-rhythm
  • Scratch Stories: Storytelling...with a twist!

Postal address

Longfield Academy
Main Rd
United Kingdom


01474 700700



We have a number of computer rooms with PC's and interactive whiteboards. In addition we have open-plan plazas which have a combination of areas for group work and  separate dedicated areas for work on the computer. 

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