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What does a teacher gain from a visit?

Visiting class teachers are provided with continued professional development opportunities through team teaching and gain confidence through using lesson resources freely available from the Digital Schoolhouse website.

This is achieved by the Digital Schoolhouse teacher encouraging the visiting class teacher to take an active role in the lesson at the start of the day. Whilst teaching the pupils, the Digital Schoolhouse teacher also preps the class teacher on what is coming next so that, together, they can select the direction of the learning and provide opportunities to team teach. For example, during the Creative Writing and Scratch lesson, the Digital Schoolhouse teacher and visiting class teacher will model each creative writing activity using their stimuli, before the pupils perform the tasks themselves.

Alternatively, where the Digital Schoolhouse visit is being combined with their creative curriculum topic e.g. Macbeth or The Boy in Striped Pyjamas, the class teacher is encouraged to lead this aspect of the teaching with the pupils directing their learning whilst developing the interactive storybook or Scratch game.

Using this framework, the project regularly receives excellent feedback from both staff and pupil, with teachers feeling more confident to deliver similar lessons in their school and opting to use their next Digital Schoolhouse booking to experience a different workshop.

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