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Teach for us

Become a Lead Teacher

Each Digital Schoolhouse appoints one Lead Teacher to supervise the programme at their school. Besides a passion for computer science and implementing digital skills, there's also lots of benefits:

  • Free resources
  • Funding opportunities
  • Direct links with the UK video games industry
  • Personalised support programme for every school
  • Raised profile within the community
  • Part of a fast-growing network of schools locally and nationally
  • CPD events
  • Direct contact with a specialist Digital Schoolhouse teacher
  • Part of leading teaching pedagogy

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The Process


  • Selected schools become Digital Schoolhouses
  • Each Digital Schoolhouse appoints one Lead teacher to supervise the programme in their school
  • Applications have closed for the academic year 2018-2019 but will reopen for new applications in January 2019


  • Digital Schoolhouse Lead Teachers are trained by universities
  • Free resources and personalised support programmes are offered to the visiting teachers to help them embed computing in their own schools


  • Free and flexible workshops are taught by Lead teachers for visiting schools
  • At the start of each academic year each Digital Schoolhouse writes to their local schools to invite their pupils to attend a Creative Computing day


  • National Digital Schoolhouse network: linking all Digital Schoolhouses on the programme
  • Regional Digital Schoolhouse network: linking local schools together with the local Digital Schoolhouse at the heart of the community


  • Lead teachers are encouraged to share and collaborate with each other and Digital Schoolhouse
  • Resources, research and expertise form a powerful and collaborative approach to revolutionising computing education

Continued support & CPD events

  • Direct contact with a specialist Digital Schoolhouse teacher
  • Lead teacher meetings throughout the academic year
  • Opportunities to attend CPD events

Our supporters

Supported by Sony Playstation
Supported by Ukie
Supported by Sega
Supported by Warwickshire County Council