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Meet the team

Shahneila Saeed |
Programme Director

With over 4 years at Ukie and a background in secondary school teaching, Shahneila has the expertise and experience to continue driving Digital Schoolhouse to unstoppable feats. Obsessed with Computing Education and a total digital whizz, Shahneila’s innovative nature is at the forefront of everything she does: “No idea is too crazy!”...







Sophia Aker | Programme Coordinator Intern

Sophia joined Digital Schoolhouse in November 2018. Having recently graduated university, she has had brief work experience in PR, lobbying and with non-profits. Sophia is passionate about using games in education, having experienced the benefits at her own school. She is obsessed with playing Mario Kart and anything on Wii!





Laura Martin | Senior Comms & Events Officer

Laura joined Digital Schoolhouse in June 2017. With a background in Charity & Events, Laura is fully rehearsed at delivering for not-for-profit programmes. Loving all things arty & crafty, unplugged Digital Schoolhouse activities are a perfect excuse for her to get creative with the likes of Play-Doh again!






Our supporters

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